Spice rag rug

Spice rag rug

Spice is a soft heavyweight rug made from off-cuts from the T-shirt industry. Designed by Studio Brieditis & Evans, each rug is hand-braided by two braiders Jothi and Chitra in India, making every one unique.

Spice is part of the Re Rag Rug project which started as an experimental design project exploring the social and ecological sustainability of the rug. The project seeks to add value to seemingly worthless materials through upcycling. The rugs are made using craft techniques that do not require large spaces or machines and are therefore suitable for cottage industry production in textile producing countries such as India, making this both a sustainable use of materials and craft skills.

Dry cleaning recommended.

Materials: 100% upcycled cotton jersey
Colours: Salt & peppar or Black
Measurements: 85x250cm or 140x200cm

Please note the Black is a brand new colour in stock from mid-March 2017. Pre-order yours now!