Elisabeth Brenner Remberg

The braided, knotted or sewn objects on the nets in Elisabeth’s art pieces are geometrically constructed, often changing as the light shifts, in reflex bands and fiber optics. One sculptural piece made of spun linen, the motif is an interpretation of South African women’s hairstyles and complicated braiding systems. Like many of her “network compositions”, it has a three-dimensional effect. Elisabeth lets the stringent form language speak. She is an artist who loves black and white and gives waste material new features and aesthetic appeal. It is important to see the possibilities and the beauty of the little thing!

Elisabeth has had many varied assignments as chief designer since her six-year textile studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. In Swaziland, Elisabeth worked as a chief designer at a hand-weaving mill. Within the same profession, Elisabeth has worked as head designer at Kasthall in Kinna for ten years and Hatema Gamma Holdings in the Netherlands, where she also worked as a teacher at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. She is currently the vice chairperson of the organisation, Nordic Textile Art.

Find out more: https://www.nordictextileart.net/elisabeth-brenner-remberg/