Do You Nuno?

Celebrating 35 years of innovative textiles combining traditional aesthetics with the latest technologies, the Japanese corporation NUNO and it’s founding director Reiko Sudo have created an exhibition that showcases nearly 400 samples of their extraordinary fabrics. Reiko Sudo is invited to Sweden as part of Iaspis’ Visiting Expert Programme for Applied Art in Växjö and Stockholm 20-24 September 2017.

Nuno literary means fabric in Japanese. Since their start in 1984, Nuno has worked exclusively with weavers and dyers in Japan, combining old practices with new technologies to create textiles that are original, distinctive, and fresh.

At Nuno, textiles are their language, their inspiration, their aspiration.
Textiles tell their story.
When they create their textiles, nature and tradition are woven with technology.
When they see their textiles, a moment of the future is glimpsed.
When they touch their textiles, the textiles breathe and they feel at ease.
When they listen to the language of textiles, the message is beautiful.