Textiles at Ellen Key’s Strand

Tina Ignell’s new books about the textiles at Ellen Key’s Strand tell the story of a project where Ellen Key’s thoughts on aesthetics and ethics are brought into focus. In a major reconstruction work, textiles have been analysed and a large part have been newly created as new discoveries have been made. Ellen Key’s Strand has now regained the color scale and textile framing that existed when Ellen Key decorated her home. Ellen Key was one of the most important social changers during the turn of the last century. Her network of contacts, both within Sweden and internationally, was extensive. She wrote several influential books, including ‘Skönhet för alla’ (Beauty for All) and ’Barnets århundrade’ (The Century of the Child); books that would impact the development of society right up to the present day. At her home, Strand, these connections to her thoughts on beauty are very clearly visible to everyone.

The violet book contains texts about how the reconstruction work happened. The participating craftsmen tell stories and descriptions of all textiles are available for those who want to weave or embroider after the originals at Strand. The orange book tells about Ellen Key’s thoughts on beauty for everyone, about time and about the traces she has left in our time.

The photographer Bengt Arne Ignell has taken the majority of the newly taken pictures.

The book launch will be hosted at Fiberspace on the 14th and 15th of December 2022. The window exhibition will remain until the 6th of January 2023. Welcome to the gallery to meet the author and the photographer on the 14th of December 2022 between 16:00-19:00! Artist talk at 18:00!

The books can be purchased as a pair through: