Webinar 3: Textile + Fiber Design - Collaborating with Nature

Webinar 3: Textile + Fiber Design – Collaborating with Nature

Is biodesign within textiles and fibers the way to a the sustainable future? What can designers learn from nature? How can designers collaborate with nature in their design processes? In this webinar, three research projects will be presented that will answer these questions and more. Designer Linda Nurk will present her project, Couture Vivante: bio-grown fashion, where she combines the raw elements of nature with couture through the development of home- grown bio-textiles and urban micro-farming of silkworms. Designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar will present their research project, Living Colour, which explores the possibilities of natural textile dyeing with bacteria that produce pigment. They aim to draw attention to the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, in their case a combination of design and bioscience. Dr Mitchell Jones is a postdoctoral researcher at the Materials Science and Technology Institute at TU Wien, the University of Technology in Vienna. He will give insights into his research on fungi-derived leather-like materials and soft foams for fashion, product design and architectural applications. Join us for this webinar held on the 17th May 2021 at 18:00, the last in a series of webinars made possible by the generous support of Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad.

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Textile + Fiber Design – Collaborating with Nature from Fiberspace on Vimeo.