Workshop: Printing

Workshop: Printing

In this series of textile craft workshops, we’ll visit some of the foremost artisans in Sweden and learn a little history and the basics in tulle embroidery, quilting, weaving, printing and stranded knitting. The workshops are a mix between a studio visit, artist talk and workshop that you can follow along with – full of tips and inspiration! Featuring Katarina Evans, Kerstin Neumüller, Linnea Blomgren, Elsa Chartin and Anna Bauer. The workshop can be streamed for 72 hours, meaning that you can take a break whenever you need to.

In this printing workshop, we will visit artist Elsa Chartin, and get a practical tips and inspiration around screen-printing and a little block-printing; before we dive into our project. Join us by pressing the “Rent” button in the right hand corner!

This series of online workshops was made possible by the support of Kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad.

Fiberspace Workshop: Printing from Fiberspace on Vimeo.

All the projects are easily done at home. For this printing workshop you will need:
– paper and pen for sketching
– screen printing frame
– screen printing squeegee
– fabric
– printing emulsion (colours of your choice)
– blanket and fabric to cover your table
– wooden block or piece of plexi for blockprinting
– paint brush for applying emulsion for blockprinting